Aaron designed our entire public marketing website and the beta of our actual application starting from a blank page in less than two weeks, with a level of quality that was very much beyond reasonable expectations for the time and budget constraints of the project. He was also a pleasure to work with and brought a high level of experience and expertise to the problem. Through the process of crafting a more honed and attractive web presence, Aaron helped us clarify our overall strategy and positioning, which led to benefits across the organization and in our go-to-market approach. Aaron has been an invaluable part of the team, starting even before the official engagement. His ability and willingness to work both at the strategic level and also down in the weeds, sending specific CSS values to engineers, made the development process a lot faster than expected. At the end of the day, when we needed to put our heads down and get something done, he was able to deliver high quality work quickly.
Misha Herscu – CEO, McCoy Medical Technologies


McCoy had identified an emerging product category and were working to capitalize on their first mover advantage. They had terrific advisors and early partnerships, and they had already built the core technological component of their product. The founders brought me on board to help build a marketing site they could use to promote themselves at RSNA, an upcoming conference they were attending.


8 days full time. Product strategy, planning, and marketing; copywriting; UX and visual design; QA.