Music Gym is a web app I am building in collaboration with two other programmers. As a classical pianist who studied music theory and performance in college, I was always dismayed at the lack of online resources for learning music skills such as sight-reading, ear training, and chord analysis. I believe there should be fun, efficient games that anyone can use to learn basic music skills for free. With those skills under their belts, they can more quickly get to the really fun stuff – making music together.

In product development, I lean toward starting out simple and releasing early. In this case, we've only developed one game so far which focuses on teaching one skill: sight-reading sheet music. We have a long way to go, but the first version of the app is up and running, so I'm including it here.


We are planning a number of new features which we think will make the game more fun to play and improve the new user experience. We're also planning an email reminder feature to encourage users to make a regular habit of their practice sessions. Once we have the basics in place, the inputs to our product planning process will be user testing and feedback.


We built everything, including the keyboard and staff, from scratch using Haml, Sass, and JavaScript. Our backend is written in Ruby, and we're using a PostgreSQL database.


Full-stack web development; design; product management; QA.